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Written by traffic police "highway safety during Spring Festival travel tips"

During the annual spring tide, in only one direction--forget the people's hearts. Home become a common desire and action, in the face of continuous surging of the rolling traffic, anxious fears: this year, good highway go?

on January 23, Beijing, Xinhua learned from the five directly under the Jiangxi provincial traffic Police Corps detachment, traffic police Yang Fukuan summarizes a few of the detachment of a high-speed highway safety during Spring Festival travel experience, a copy of the Spring Festival transportation highway safety travel tips in cold spring road, brings warmth to the driver and conductor and was highly popular.

this reporter has learned that the "travel tips" preparation before starting, vehicle operations, emergency response to common traffic violations, highway four chapters, extract before we started the "ready" and "traffic operations" in two parts for the benefit of users.

among them, before we started the "ready" equipment articles, weather, timing a total article length, team articles, seats five, the driver and conductor has practical significance.

(a) the boot: stocked items, worry-free way. "We must first sharpen his tools. "Vehicle: with" disease "the road will inevitably suffer, before travel, vehicle maintenance, better to 4S shops do a comprehensive" medical examinations ". Three certificates: driver's license, driving license, ID cards, insurance policies, are going out and driving the necessary documents. Security products: fire extinguishers, warning signs, jacks, wrenches, loading and unloading pump, anti-skid chains, spare tires, lighting, you can quick-fix some glitches. Food: drinking water, food and other items can be played a key role during the emergency period.

(b) meteorological: the days of contingency situation, but now I have the weather forecast. Before departure you can listen and watch broadcast TV, Internet, interviews with meteorological departments, grasp the weather situation, the event of inclement weather adjusted the time, mode and route of travel, improve driving safety factors along the way.

(c) time article: for safety, choose rows. Three days before the Spring Festival (Chinese new year 27, 28, 29), four days after the Spring Festival (the big five, six at the beginning, when初七because and day) is the biggest traffic during the Spring Festival traffic rush, vehicles prone to congestion, traffic accidents the highest probability of occurrence. Driving on the highway at night fatigue, and poor vision, travel safe during the day. Haste makes waste, and anxious, you should carefully choose the travel time.

(d) the team article: car travel, safety first. 1, and spring during, weather, and road, and traffic situation extremely complex, you of team in at least due two name has experience of driver, best has a people has more rich of high-speed lane experience, avoid novice driving vehicles on; 2, and ahead of established good related agreed, clear journey Division, avoid way occurred not necessary of disputed, can signed written agreement; 3, and women not should alone a people and others spell car, to select acquaintances more of spell car environment; 4, and each other understand spell car each a a members of contact way and real identity, And telling his family and friends.

(e) the seat post: car seat, great stress. 1, when the bus, best middle and aisle. We all know in the bus crash and the crash occurred on the highway, so the car is best to Center, in case when the crash occurred, Center can play a buffer that can maximize the protection of passengers. 2, the child does not take the car the co-pilot position. Many wives who was driving is generally a baby sitting Copilot, which is extremely unsafe, because the child's awareness of self-protection, while adults sit long fatigue, when the vehicle is braking, child's safety could not be guaranteed.

in driving operation, Yang Fukuan summed up 10 travel experience in highway safety.

(a) preventing scratches. When you change lanes, open your signal in advance and control the speed, in time to see the rear-view mirror, behind; correct use of popular light or horn to warn the vehicles in front. Chinese new year, we are home to see MOM and dad, don't drive angry, unfailing, why bother?

(b) preventing rear-end collision. 1, lane keeping distance, a touch on the brakes. First look at the rearview mirror and then change lanes 2, opened in case of traffic hazard warning lamps; 3 stop in case of a traffic jam, small cars stopped behind the small vehicles as far as possible, should not stop at the rear for large vehicles, and maintaining the distance between 10 meters and above, to prevent greater loss resulting from the collision.

(c) theft, robbery. 1, parked in the service area lights, crowded place, best stop under surveillance cameras; 2, get off at meals or rest to lock the doors and carry valuables; 3, rest in the car should remain vigilant and prevent shoplifting.

(d) the proper use of headlights. 1, and normal driving: using far light; 2, and passing using far light, and near light phase combined; 3, and overtaking: overtaking Shi ahead of by far light into near light, opened steering lamp, let front understand you of location and intent; 4, and fog days please open anti-fog lamp and dangerous alert lamp slow driving; 5, and vehicles accident, and fault, and parking and met has other emergency situation open dangerous alert lamp.

(e) wary of the fast lane. Highway there are many accidents, such as losing control of the vehicle through the opposite, pedestrian walk along the central belt, the Central barrier, and when it rains, some fast lane on the central belt have water, slow lane can have more space for emergency.

(f) pay attention to road signs label. 1, and road of each block logo signs are is has reminded role of, are is from blood of lessons in the from of experience, do don't ignored it of role; 2, and speed points zhiqian are has "ahead speed" words of tips brand, you saw has also speed that you on with Pocket in the of Yuan pass has; 3, and dangerous sections of tips brand description you has into dangerous sections, to concentrated attention, confirmed security deceleration through; 4, and service area of indicates brand to see clear, into service area should ahead of deceleration, recognize service district within of refers to signs, Preventing retrograde;  5, the great wagon road on the right, fast lane, easy to be photographed.

(g) regulate parking. 1, and highway emergency parking with shall not free parking, only Dang vehicles appeared mechanical fault, emergency situation Shi only allows parking; 2, and Dang vehicles occurred mechanical fault Shi, put car docked in emergency parking with Shang, first open double flash lamp and in car Hou 150 meters placed warning logo brand; 3, and night check stopped in emergency parking road of fault vehicles Shi, for guarantees security, as has may, arrangements a people in rear side warning and reminded. Found fault after 4, check the vehicle cannot be repaired in a timely manner, may have to call the police for help. During the period of waiting for help, driver and conductor should stand outside the fence.

(h) the right changing lanes and turning. 1, before changing lanes or turning, must advance through the reflector will on both sides and the rear of the case clear; 2, turn and change lanes ahead of turn lights, honking reserved space as possible, gently turning.

(IX) not to "wander". Drive process music not too big, not with people chatting, smoking. Loud music and other acts that impede safe driving is distracting, can easily make it difficult for vehicles and outside noise heard, thus missing the best time to emergencies.

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