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Spring Festival travel security the first complex road conditions driving Guide

Holiday is coming! Whether are you home or family holiday, road safety is the most important. This reporter specifically asked the Chengdu commercial auto gold driving leader Wu Kun, let him give owners some traffic driving techniques and considerations before they happen.

ice road "slow" multinationals

is the purpose of a lot of friends to play with snow in winter, so during the Spring Festival, many people will choose to drive to some of the Alpine area or in northern China. When visiting these places generally encountered snow and ice pavement, Wu Kun said that for lack of ice and snow road driving experience for motorists, must be cautious when driving, speed is not too fast, firm while driving, don't worry. Driving on snow and ice on the road, due to the small bingxuelu adhesion, wheels are prone to slipping, skidding, idling, out of control, braking distance increases, leading to traffic accidents. Driving in the snow, it is important to slowly, followed by and keeping enough distance, note in front and three in the rear view mirror, and the left and right sides of the vehicle. Then had to brake early, if speed or brake as soon as possible, direct reduction gears and brakes. Winter weather driving should be aware of the following:

(1)   start   to prevent drive wheel slip, you can use higher gears than usual start. At the start, to try to smooth loose clutch (manual transmission), or gently stepping on the accelerator pedal (automatic transmission), slowly at first, to prevent wheel slip or skid when started too fast. If wheel slip was difficult to start, under the drive wheels bedding sand, wood, to change the wheels and the road surface adhesion guarantees a smooth start.

(2) driving   in ice road uphill Shi, should according to slope using slightly low level of block bit, need reduction block Shi, time should more usually slightly ahead of some, avoid occurred off block phenomenon, to guarantee has enough of power not makes car backward slippery; downhill Shi, to relies on engine led resistance role control speed, avoid using feet brake, must using brake Shi, only intermittent light stepped on, cannot hanging empty block glide.

(3) turn   when turning the car must slow down and try to increase the turning radius, the steering wheel can't zag hard or coasting brake, prevent slippery tail scraping the vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

(4) passing   in the snow and ice on the roads passing, should pay attention to less snow, pavement width of lots, preferably not while driving the two cars passing, you should pull over a car stopped, another car speed through. When passing on the road without grasping, should get off to observe, after you confirm it is safe before we can pull over passing the slow.

(5) the overtaking   ice-snow road overtaking is not allowed, in principle, need to overtake, you must select the wide pavement, staying behind to slow down before they can go beyond to make way. Avoid strong high-speed ultra for safekeeping.

(6) the brake   snow riding in case of emergency, can force reduction gear, fast picking linked intermittent brake and pull a loose parking brake lever stop, avoid using the emergency brake to prevent vehicle sideslip, rollover accident. Sideslip due to brake, it should immediately release the brake (keeping the wheels rolling), hold or throttle, skidding direction front wheel steering, rear back line, then return and control the speed, making the car sailed into the normal route.

(7) the parking   ice-snow road driving, parking should be minimal to prevent crashes, slippery and frozen. If the car is skidding on snow ramps, do not shut down immediately, should stabilize the throttle (digging up the wheels in the snow), and then stop.

plateau road: to overcome altitude sickness

many Sichuan of owners friends in big holiday between will select since driving tour, to around of plateau area enjoy different of national style, and plateau climate and plain area has is big different, atmosphere pressure low, and air thin, and temperatures low, same area within day and night temperature difference is big, climate fickle, plateau area of these features, to lane brings has not security factors. Motorists entering the plateau area, be sure to take note of the following issues:

(1) on the plateau, underpowered vehicles occur such as altitude sickness, so should clean or replace the air filter before entering the plateau to increase the intake. Should also be delayed when shift timing, guaranteed power output. Thin air at high altitude, the mixture is easy to flood, burning is not full, dynamic variation, should now slow refueling, otherwise not only loss of fuel and unable to output enough power.

(2) in the Highland Road while driving, be sure to maintain speed, not fast, slow, controlled water temperature, always pay attention to the water table to prevent cooling water boiling, and damaged parts. When the temperature is low, and also pay attention to the insulation of the engine and antifreeze.

(3) during the drive, always check the braking efficiency of the brake, feeling the brake pedal when the weak shall stop brake in case of traffic accidents.

(4) tire pressure is relatively high on the plateau, easily damaged, so appropriate to deflate the tyre and reduce tire pressure.

(5) not familiar with the area, to try to understand the situation and accommodation in the middle of the road, through the minority areas, should respect the local people and customs.

(6) the driver usually do not often go to the plateau area, pay attention to altitude sickness, before driving to try to reduce the amount of exercise and to ensure adequate time to rest. If the driver feel tightness in the chest when the brain (primarily oxygen), to pull over the car parked, proper rest for some time, get used to the altitude (the driver while driving a vehicle the best step driving mode in order to adapt), then drive.

(7) car repair less at high altitude, distance, Wu Kun reminded the owners before driving to bring the truck vulnerable parts as needed, rain, heat and cold-start preheating equipment, such as fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water, ready for use. Due to the plateau, along with self-drive tourists should be in every county refueling points filled up as far as possible, so as to avoid embarrassment on the way.

mountain roads: speed overtaking less

If your journeys there are many mountain roads in the Spring Festival, one must always remind ourselves that the steep, road narrowing and eyes will be blocked, traffic should increase attention, drive carefully.

(1) road traffic is the most important control, but should avoid prolonged use of brake control vehicle speed and engine braking mode should be used to reduce the speed. If long time with brake down, braking performance braking system because of overheating and heat, resulting in decreased braking power. So when you go down, you should select medium-speed gear, General with 3 block is appropriate, will remain at a high range of engine speed, but the speed will not increase too quickly.

(2) the road overtaking should be avoided, such as when you must overtake, you should choose good sight, relatively open sections of pavement, ring the Piccolo and cooperate in a light vehicle, quickly surpassed. Near the top, turn the absolute no overtaking, because you can't judge the condition of the car, passing in the overtaking process, both for three cars is a very dangerous thing. Into the corner before the whistle, flashing headlights at night, overtaking vehicles do not force opposite the tip, or reverse your driveway.

(3) mountain road bend more, centrifugal effect when they turn, slower uphill speed and centrifugal effect is weaker, but after the body Center of gravity moves, decrease of understeer and front direction would be better control when going downhill, the opposite, due to speed fast, strong centrifugal effect, move the body weight, increased level of understeer. In this case, if car is not valid until the turn slows down, more likely to throw in a driveway.

dirt road: along the front of the rut

during the Spring Festival, many private shengqin in-depth country, appeared in the fields, no pavement, poor drainage of dirt roads became muddy after heavy rain.

in General, if the mud is not too thick on the surface of muddy pavement, wheels can be rolled into hard, not stuck car trouble at this point, but the ground still has low, rolling resistance, adhesion and small vehicles easier to slip, direction control, braking will be insensitive. Situation is more complex with a roll of muddy roads, the car always has a tendency to slip to the lateral side.

driving on muddy roads, the owner should keep in mind: both direction and step on the accelerator, the car's reactions is way slower than normal. Steering Shi, to to car left out reaction of time, or on will appeared following of situation: vehicles sideslip, we to instead of direction amendment, car not reaction, we will think Amendment have also enough, on will continues to amendment, results car on to instead of direction run partial, so repeatedly overkill, car on will in mud ground is "s" type walking, very dangerous. So walking in the mud, is to say "slow" tactic, both direction, step on the gas and the brake, to go as far as possible along the truck right in front, between the two rounds of uplift and don't be afraid of high mud sill, soft dirt is not causing harm to chassis.

self-examination before: each is not the effect that

reporters remind the owner friend, Spring Festival travel, be sure to take the time to give vehicles to do "physical examination", if it was too late to the 4S shop repairs done by professional testing, be sure to do some self-examination, can be avoided to a large extent also met with failure. When the self, we should first check the oil in the engine compartment, glass of water, coolants, such as the ability to view all kinds of liquid if you need to add, change; Secondly, one should check the engine and gearbox can directly observe whether there is leakage on the site, if you find oil seals and other sealed locations appeared slight leakage, it is best to replace the later trip. Last vehicle backup tool should be checked, for example, spare tire, warning triangle, tire wrench, Jack, for a rainy day. Meanwhile, distance and vehicle to the actual situation of their trip, are ready in the car glass consumables such as water, oil and set aside. In addition to the above, also featuring the following owners focus on.

1, tire   eye of tread wear, if the signs of wear is reached indicating location, the tire should be replaced. There is the service life of tires, calculated according to the tire manufacture date, best service life three years less than 60,000 km. If you travel, tire service has been close to three years, even if the tire tread has not worn to indicate position, should also be determined to update the tire. This is because tire rubber material aging, caused a decline in tire performance, will bring a lot of security risks. Manufacturers recommend tire inflation pressure should reach the amount of air pressure, before going out to a nearby tire shop check and adjust tire pressure. Need to be aware of is that measurement is best taken cold tire pressure tire pressure.

you want to double check the surface if there shoulder or sidewall cracking and swelling or bulging, new tires should be replaced; to pebbles embedded in the tread and other foreign bodies to be removed to avoid causing tread groove cracking, reduce the service life of the tire.

Note: do not forget to check the spare tire, spare tire due to long-term storage, so spare tire tire pressure should be slightly higher than the normal tire pressure.

2, Horn and lights   remote road driving, Horn and lights is very important. Some owners to home before new year's Eve may be overnight on the freeway on our way, headlamps, rear tail width of nocturnal lights, turn signals are all related to the elements of security, if shade Interior too dirty, lamp black, to be resolved in a timely manner.

3, and hand brake   check hand brake of effectiveness Shi, to put car open to slope larger (slope size should according to car using manual allows of maximum slope decided), and road status good (best is asphalt) of slopes Shang, stepped on live brake, hanging empty block (if is automatically speed is hanging in n block), will hand brake handles pulled in place, then release brake pedal, if car no occurred sliding, description hand brake of effectiveness good. Because there is a gap in the brake, and sometimes when you release the pedal car will stop at a minor slip, as long as the sliding distance is small, hand brake effectiveness is also considered normal. Uphill and downhill should do it again. Remind is that check to make the cars slide preparations, security must be maintained.

it is to be noted that, when vehicle self, be sure to carefully read the vehicle manual or consult professionals, learn to independently check parts and check to avoid self-examination during dangerous or causing unnecessary damage to vehicles. If circumstances permit, journalists are also recommended to the 4S shops, professional after-sales service for checking, many testing projects must use specialized equipment to complete, self project are not comprehensive.

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