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Spring drove home the highway safe driving Guide

Earlier Highway cement road, new high speed Basic is now black tar brush. Brushed black was also divided into two types of pavement, I do not know the specific, but know the feeling. A friction small, car noise small, runs very well. Another is friction is relatively large, open road noise tire noise is very big. Asked this friend told the former is designed for comfort, which friction brakes, road noise is preventing the drivers drive easy to fall asleep for a long time.

front that runs very quiet brushless Hei Lu Xin Jian, braking distance must grow, so it must have a good! Concrete does not say, carts, road surface is very uneven. Cement the braking distance will not be short, so be sure to pay attention to speed, crossing seams steering wheel must hold.

I know of violations on the freeway

1. free parking. As if everyone thought the shoulder stop by the roadside rest or bursting under the settlement are normal, but it's not. High speed on the parking place for parking Bay, there is a ladder-shaped logo. Not far from the harbour where there are rescue calls.

then out of this as we all know. Must remember that some service areas is no gas stations, high-speed road signs reminding service how many kilometers ahead. Generally have a pattern is to have the gas station to refuel the machine, then the pattern is fork meals, spanner is maintenance, and p is the parking. Four drawings are all the service area is a great service.

If running out of oil and accidentally ran over the service area gas stations, it's OK, yellow light on computer displays can also run 30 kilometers, actual running 60 miles no problem. Find the nearest charging station, and as soon as there is a gas station.

high speed high cost of free parking, I was fined in August of last year, according to the provided parking for more than five minutes, deducted 6 points, fined 200 Yuan. So we must as far as possible into the harbour or the service area stop to rest.

2. the speed limit. This seems needless to say. But would like to remind you, although the design of high speed is 120 km/h is not illegal, but curved tunnel more sections or large-span bridges complex lot lot or road conditions, often with temporary speed signs, such as speed limit 80 km, 60 km. Be on notice! Such locations have electronic eyes or very likely to speed.

for speeding and the car is not safe, I believe we all know, it is generally not over 120 km. Also speed over 120 km/h once an accident, airbags sometimes can't save lives.

3. take up rescue lane road or overtaking, the rightmost hard shoulder. When that lane is an emergency rescue vehicle, was captured by high-speed mobile patrol you driving or overtaking, according to the existing legislation, be deducted 12 points and fined 2000 Yuan.

4. press the full fare over time. I think a lot of people don't know. From your high speed to high speed, there is time. Over this time, high-speed full fare. This fee is scary! So what if the car breaks down? Because small problems change a tire what time is enough, if is a big failure, Highways will check your rescue records. On the way into the service area if you break accommodation, then the service will remind you to take your boarding documents. This document is not afraid, if you didn't take or the, then to the rest of your service area to check surveillance video. If the monitor is not available, then you will pay the full fare.

5. prolonged occupation of overtaking lane. The sign could be seen everywhere, the fact is that lane can also be very dangerous for a long time. Because normal car on the lane more speed is fast, especially at night, behind the car wander or bend when the sight is bad, it is easy to rear. Normal after overtaking, best get back to the driveway. But be careful not to stick too close to being super car, just in case it is suddenly distracted or sudden acceleration, or your own never stepped up all of a sudden the throttle, then you are vulnerable to crash! Preferably more than it to shake dozens of meters away and then back to the driveway up!

high speed back to control the speed and feel

in fact, many of my friends also know you get high speeds for several hours, just off the high speed if the car is not much, it's easy to unwittingly step on 80~90 kilometers per hour. Whether it's from the electronic eye, or from the security, must, must have a vehicle at high speed and under the self adjustment!

some unexpected incidents on the freeway

If you met someone ran you, if no side can control the crash, remember not slam on the brakes! Once directions are slower braking! Because after being hit while you lost the throttle, but your speed will not immediately lose many, if not knocked off, but was embarrassed by own brake.

If you hit another car or guardrail, if not out of control, and slower braking. You have to remember that this is a high-speed, you usually can't have slow speed of 60 yards. Similarly, behind the speed is about the same, if your brakes and only one result, pile-up!

If the car is out of control, of course, we try to protect themselves. After the car stopped, as quickly as possible away from the vehicle, the police told me to jump beyond the fence! One is afraid of fire, vehicles running at high speed behind the second, so as not to cause damage to you.

regardless of what not to panic and call the police 110, or call tips can be high speed signs. While calling your insurance company police. Need to remember to hit 120. And then you wait for rescue. Highways or police within 30 minutes, they come, they will be caused by road closures, full and half. Photographed the scene finished, you can go with trailer.

then the vehicle will be towed to the nearest high-speed Portal highways or police units, and accident responsibility determination. Attention! In place of your car from the accident site to deal with this, the traffic police and the highways are not going to charge you for any costs, including trailers are made by the insurance company. Even if you pay, keep the receipt, later to the insurance company, but guardrail and indemnity insurance company, regardless.

whether you are responsible for all other full responsibility or of Panax notoginseng saponins on or what, the next thing is, insurance companies. Set the initial abstraction, then up to you is to the insurance company designated by your own 4S shop to fix it. Basically at this point don't worry, signing what is nothing more than them, and then to 4S copy of your certificate of liability. Then car repair, Basic you what has happened.

but the process is cumbersome, and must be prepared. Remind, because Highway, certainly not close to home, so to choose the nearest 4S shop. If the accident is not the 4S shops, 4S shop needs to be dragged to another city, the towing fee is also out in the process. If the situation is not serious, you can also ask to go home to the 4S shop to buy a car.

Tip: If the trailer fee is too big for this, you can communicate with the 4S shop.

on a long sloping rear brake issues

both high speed and long sloping general sections of the downhill for a long time, be sure not to always go to the brakes, so easy to cause the brakes to overheat and fail. Many long Hill Road sign reads: long after the emergency stop zone, check the brakes or add water. This type of brake is actually quite dangerous! Be careful!

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