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"Sharing among people" neutral taxi fuel

Generally considered neutral taxi can save oil, in fact this is one-sided, gap-glide does not necessarily fuel. Glide wanted to space fuel should also pay attention to its geographical and human. Carburetor car and drove the older drivers know the free glide fuel. Then the present EFI may also pass the free glide to fuel this car? Concluded that the slide can fuel, but try not to blank slide.

vehicle space slides off the foot from the accelerator pedal, engine speed will quickly fall back to idle speed, throttle position sensor detects the signal and passes it to your computer, computer designed idling control injector fuel injection pulse width to make the engine at idle speed. Block slides off the foot from the accelerator pedal, because the drag-and-drop in engine speed as the speed slow down, there is a process.

called the EFI engine, is actually made up of computer-controlled fuel injection engine, when spraying, injection, fully computer-controlled, and the control is pre-set by the designer, whose Jet is conditional, when eligible Jet. One moment of stopping injection, is that accelerator pedal is fully up and the engine speed above a certain speed (under the inertia of the engine speed does not immediately drop to idling speed 800 Rev/min), the computer will be instructed to stop spraying.

this "some speed" is how much each manufacturers engine varies when setting, generally in more than 1200 rpm, stop spraying. Professional electronic fuel injection engine on this "slow stop oil" process. When you're at high speeds, in the case of gears your right foot is lifted from the accelerator pedal, under the inertia, speed and the speed started to decline.

as long as not less than the pre-set "some speed" (for example, 1200 RPM), fuel injection engine will stop. In the case of anti-drag engine, the engine speed decreases but be slower, stop the injection process that helps extend, which received very good fuel effect. If you blank slide, will enter the idling of the engine, and engine idle state will have a certain amount of fuel, will not stop spraying, its fuel-saving effect and some good.

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