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Long-distance travel reminder: on the cautious driving safety at night

Before and after the Chinese new year a lot of people to reunite with their families and commute long distances between different areas, or take advantage of the long holiday travel long distances, so midnight oil opportunities in the relatively new roads has increased a lot. Although today's road conditions much better than before, midnight oil along the service also facilitates people, but the day is different, many times more risk of accidents at night, must be especially careful to just go.

first of all, the main road as far as possible, do not take the dark path. Night vision is not good, if it is Dim path as not familiar with the situation, it is prone to a range of conditions. In contrast, those closed roads, such as highway or, at least, is a well-lit high-level view of not only better, but also has good road conditions and relatively clear traffic signs road junctions and complete instructions, in the event of trouble, get help and rescue also tend to be simple and fast. So rather go some way, the principle of choice is also a priority of the road.

Second, strictly control the speed. Due to the small amount of traffic on the roads at night, there is less interference of pedestrian and bicycle, generally easier to high speed running, which is likely to happen to traffic accidents. Night vision sensitivity decreased, while in continuous people prone to fatigue after the long drive and speed reaction than too quickly can easily cause an accident. Especially vehicles operating in stable after a while suddenly change, away from the busy streets, corners, roads, bridges, narrow roads and shadows should be to reduce the speed and increase following distance, and concentrate on get Park ready at any time.

again, avoid fatigue. Night driving was particularly vulnerable to fatigue-drowsiness, especially when people snore with the car around a time, more likely to cause temporary fatigue lethargy. So, at night should try to stay awake, chatting with fellow partners, or several people at for driving and so on is a very good habit. If you really feel tired to stop a break, not reluctantly continue driving in a confused state.

the four, keep straight ahead to avoid frequent passing. Perhaps, in many cases, the vehicle in front is slow is because driving and short on experience, but it may be because the road ahead there were special circumstances, rash overtaking is dangerous for both sides. If it is to overtake, be subject to the continuous transformation far or near lights inform the vehicle ahead, determined the vehicle in front will give way after overtaking forcibly overtake the risk is very high.

Lastly, attention to pedestrians. Night driving should pay attention to pedestrians and bicycles across the road from both sides, especially in inclement winter weather, in the street or near the community of dense population often had to go out night, suddenly tilted once pedestrians slip or bike, you must quickly brake or emergency avoidance. In addition, at urban roads with heavy traffic areas, sometimes on lanes lined with red light on car, in this case, often very pedestrian ran out from the gap in the team to cross the road. Drivers should be vigilant more see, while pedestrian, bike as far as possible keep the distance is large enough.

the six, note passing, be courteous. Passing at night often there are some inexplicable special conditions, so the more the opposite vehicle is found near, attention must be focused, not to step on the brake pedal, turn the steering wheel. 150 metres from the car, it should be far to low beam lights. If the other side does not switch to low beam, should immediately slow down and long continuous transformation, Chikamitsu way to signal each other.

Finally, keep a greater distance. Driver while driving at night, while poor sight. Other hand easier to meet the danger, emergency, and to that end, the pilot must be prepared to stop. In this case, in order to avoid danger, should pay attention to increase following distance, in case of emergency you can prevent accidents occurred before and after the vehicles collided.

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