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Icy roads driving winter travel guide

Drivers accustomed to staying in Guangzhou when snow and fog is encountered, although known to slow down, but how exactly does slow down, slow down the extent to which, at all. Often in vehicles on Guangzhou warm subtropical climate, lack of snow fog climate moving necessary equipment, frozen sections or caught in a heavy snow, the drivers will be running around in circles. Under the influence of cold air in the near future, multiple high-speed appears frozen. The worst Northern Guangdong section of Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway due to temperatures below freezing, pavement 3~5cm of icing, traffic severely disrupted. Many vehicles such as slipping, out of control on icy roads dangerous. If you plan to drive home before and after the Spring Festival, the following winter of high-speed road guide will no doubt.

driving in

guideline 1: speed of less than 40km/h

snow fog driving most avoid too fast, even at high speed, speed would also remain below 40 km, once the road is icy and be more careful.

in ice-snow road driving, once more than 40 km per hour in the event of an emergency brake or swerve, there will be vehicle skid, therefore, whether car-grade or not, paying special attention to speed, when braking is needed, use a hand brake, do not slam on the brakes. Now cars generally have the ABS, brake rebound appears in the snow and ice, then do not worry, the brakes when pushed hard on, ABS is not the phenomenon of tire lock cannot be turned.

guideline 2: increase the distance between

to increase driving distance while driving, in ice-snow road driving 2~3 times more than the spacing for dry road. Must be along the front of the ruts, not overtaking, sharp turns and emergency braking.

prepare ahead when parking, use of emergency braking, to make full use of the braking effect of the engine speed. When you need to speed up or slow down, slowly push the throttle or loosened to prevent wheel skidding because of sudden acceleration or deceleration.

guideline 3: carefully through the tunnels and bridges

after sections of Highway tunnels and bridges these "blind spots", the driver must pay attention to early deceleration, not because of previous segments do not freeze guard, these sections are particularly prone to accidents.

guideline 4: bend do not slam on the brakes

in ice and snow when you bend or driving on the ramp, deceleration in advance, increase the turning radius and slow steering wheel. Hands holding the steering wheel operation to shun ease, and then quickly through speed, avoiding the way stop or stall. Do not slam on the brakes in the corners, or inertia will make the car out of control.

guideline 5: to turn on the light

rain and snow weather, even at low temperature in Northern Guangdong section, mist, and fog lights must be turned so that others can identify.

guideline 6: do not Park in the snow

in the temporary parking, high speed road to try to get open space free of ice, Chaoyang, and sheltered parking, flat and dry place, do not close to the buildings, utility poles, or other vehicles to prevent sideslip pounding. While parked, to tighten the hand brake hook block. The car is stationary, the heating of engine do not rely entirely on open, so as not to exhaust gas poisoning.

to prevent tire to freeze to the ground, under the wheels of the best bedding sand, straw, wood and other items. If you must park on the ramp should be in gear, tighten the hand brake, and padded wheel chock and stone under the wheels to prevent car.

travel preparation

every year during the winter when temperatures drop much, highway traffic accidents will increase, especially in area of Guangdong Province highways, winter freezes, ice could lead to thousands of vehicles were trapped and embarrassment.

police said, this and this a sections of special landforms has is close of relationship, due to Beijing Hong Kong and Macao Highway Guangdong Border North paragraph (that Beijing-Zhuhai North high-speed) sections, highway in Hill ground downs indefinite, long uphill, and long downhill of sections more, met Shang low temperature, has landforms block north of road, general situation Xia not easy freezes, no landforms block north of road, in North blows Xia, is very easy freezes.

high point: air and icy road

police said that from a traffic accident that happened in the past, mostly occur collisions car fast speed of high-end cars.

in General, easily in the outlet section of the icy rain and snow, bridge is easy to freeze, especially in the coldest winter driving out of the province of Guangdong to Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou and other places of the drivers, traffic must be careful. Traffic police suggested that when it comes to the winter when the temperature minimum temperature in degrees Celsius below zero, must not be speeding if encountered slippery roads, ahead of slowdown; when they encounter icy roads, must not the brakes, to ensure safe driving.

Guangdong ice road

Beijing-Macao Expressway Northern Guangdong section

K32 selected home building bridge (plum flower road)

K43 unknown bridge (dolomite)

K56 mountain mountain bridge (bridge section)

K38, K40 (dolomite) high altitude long downhill section

qinglian speed

lianzhou and Lanshan County, Hunan province, at the junction of provincial highway 114 lines

icy roads when traffic moves

highway traffic police and highways shut down the icy road, and in the high bridge section of the temporary traffic control in Shaoguan, North toll station, Ping Shek toll stations such as North-South traffic flow.

links: Guangdong added one not afraid of cold,

ice-free outbound channel

this month, Guangdong Shaoguan high-speed opening. Starting from Ganzhou in Jiangxi province to Guangzhou, Shaoguan high-speed than Guangdong and Jiangxi high-speed savings of about 54 km by car, save for about half an hour. It is reported that Shao 125.351-kilometre high-speed, full not afraid of cold, not frozen, at low elevations. Shao-Gan Expressway rarely hovers in the mountains, mostly built in the Plains. Road flat and smooth, and does not turn. Across most of the sections are less than 300 metres above sea level, and Mei Guan road tunnel was built high above sea level.

winter "North" essential tools

1. winter or all season tire

to use winter tires and winter tire is soft, suitable for snow days. If you don't want to replace the winter tires, or at least, to replace the four seasons all season tire, can't use the summer tires on the road.

2. blankets and food

in the car ready for warm blankets, food and beverage, on-ice high speed used in long traffic jams on the way. General during the Chinese new year on the highway very easily across the long traffic jams caused by ice and snow days.

3. fill it up with oil, fully charged

fill out oil, when driving on Highway check oil fuel in advance, you can prepare a tank in the rear compartment. While the phone fully charged, so as to avoid poor communications with the outside world.

4. emergency tools such as shoveling snow

If you are visiting the area it may snow, blowing snow, ice scraper tool and automobile anti-skid chain and bring a small shovel and a bag of sand to prevent car after skidding out.

5. open front-wheel-drive cars as much as possible

If conditions permit, as having front-wheel drive or full-time four-wheel drive vehicle control system to deal with icy roads easier.

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