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Half a second driving tips safety tips teach you tips

Such a thing I just experienced, by the way, I have hundreds of thousands of kilometers of actual driving experience. I recently attended hosted by the China Federation of motor sport, co-organised by the Faw Mazda's professional training camp, professional auto racer to understand what his trainer, the original concept can drive just to drive to the road, driving back. Simply put, the so-called can drive under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety, can give full play to the vehicle's performance, the perfect control of achieving smooth driving. The training camp was to improve safe driving skills, and improve their comprehensive ability to control cars and extra vehicles for the purpose. Safe driving things today to talk to you all, what you will drive to introduce two other safe driving skills of 0.1 seconds.

If driving position adjusted well, drive fault, can drive? Tell us what kind of driving before the correct posture, first correct the errors of a majority of the people will fan, that is holding the steering wheel position. Many people think that the right to hold the steering wheel position should be held 11 and 2, are in fact wrong, correct posture should be held on 9-point and 3-point direction. Reason is simple 9-point and 3-point direction means the diameter of the steering wheel when the arm is one of the largest, the corresponding steering force is also the largest, you can more effectively than any position the direction of rotation, at the moment of the accident, more a fraction of a second of time will prevent maximum damage. Below we talk properly adjusted seat get the correct driving posture of methods and procedures.

first step: adjust the clutch, brake and accelerator with the distance between the legs and seat

according to their figures, guarantees the right to the brake pedal, clutch pedal and pedal when natural curve between the thighs and calves, the seating position is appropriate at this time.

the second step: adjust the seat angle and height

ideal seat angle backrest angle of 8 degrees to the vertical direction, but not precise measurements using a protractor, only an approximate range, but the taboo is back driving like a cane, it is very dangerous. Seat height of the principle should be to ensure the full force of thigh as the premise, make yourself comfortable, not too advanced.

third step: the distance between arm and steering wheel adjustment

right grip the steering wheel position for holding the 9-point and 3-point directions, arms naturally bent

distance between arm and steering wheel adjustment, diagram steering wheel is required to cut and reach the arm parallel to the shoulder

is the standard distance, when both hands hold a 9-point and 3-point directions, arms slightly bent. Adjustment method, parallel to your arm forward, placed at the top of the steering wheel, adjust the steering wheel height, arm height with the shoulder, locking the steering wheel to get the right distance.

fourth step: seat belt height of the shoulder distance adjustment

height of the seat belt must not be lower than the shoulders, the best high 5-10cm, and guarantees after the seat belt, seat belt passes between the clavicle from the right.

fifth step: Headrest adjustment with head

normal driving head will leave headrest, headrest height to head on head after the middle with the middle of the head to align the head shall prevail.

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