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Five-to know you in a rural dirt road traffic safety

Most country roads to dirt roads, poor road conditions, road narrow and potholed. Dirt roads and steep slopes in mountainous area, bent urgently. Sunny days, especially when the weather is dry, road dust, fine dust is being taken away, will appear on the pavement stones and potholes. Rainy days, clear case of rain, especially long time, was soaking into the soil becomes saturated, surface water, mud, ravines everywhere, even resulting in collapse of the shoulder. Therefore, driving dirt roads in the countryside must understand various climate and condition of road surface characteristics, master safe driving essentials, to ensure road safety.

1. controlling speed. More dirt road obstacles such as potholes, gravel, speed can not be too high, otherwise the car shaking, not only cause damage to the vehicles transmission system, Department of mechanical and a direct threat to traffic safety. Particularly in standing water and mud road driving in the rain, but also to hold throttle. Control speed using low gear shift and emergency brake, even if the need to reduce speed to reduce the throttle to control.

2. Select roads. When the potholes on the roads, stoning, consideration should be given to the vehicle's ground clearance, turn the steering wheel to be careful to avoid. In adopting the soft, muddy, stagnant water and section, and should be especially cautious, if necessary, should be first observed when ascertaining when the wheels do not sink into the soil, can be hung lower gear slowly passed. New dirt roads and pavement rutting should as far as possible along the rutted road, not blindly adventure.

3. cautious downhill. Whether it is sunny or rainy days, downhill should select low gear, reduce the throttle slowly downhill, slipped without space. Because the dirt roads, potholes, stoning more complicated way downhill braking required to avoid, especially some sharp bends on the way downhill dirt roads, slope-sliding if space, vulnerable to vehicles when the brake run, broaching, or even overturn major accidents.

4. Security not too close to the vehicle in the passing lane, so sunny front kicked up dust or rain splashing mud blocking the line of sight. In case of passing time, should note the view of the road, especially in the long rain don't go too near the shoulder to prevent vehicles skidding accident.

5. Prevention of skidding when the current wheel side slip, should stabilize the throttle to correct direction. When the rear wheel side slip, should the steering wheel toward the sideslip direction, loop after you put more in the later round. When the rear wheel side slip downhill, but properly the gas, speed, sideslip elimination, coupled with raw speed.

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