Driving skills

Excellent driver 14 tips driving tips

First, driving skills:

traffic safety is based on skills and experience

1, train cars

before driving away, turn around the car in a circle, outside the car, tires, there is no oil leaking under the car. A week had opened the lid to check the oil, cooling water, brake fluid.

step 2, ignition

tighten the hand brake (prevent sliding), stepped on to the end of the clutch, neutral, without stepping on the accelerator (pedal), turn it into second gear after 6 seconds, let the car electronic system power-on self test, start the lubrication system, and then continue to turn it into third gear ignition. After the success of ignition, hanging files, HAND-BRAKE ON, slowly lift the clutch, refuel, departure.

3, drove the first hot car

EFI car without heat. Hot car here refers to the initial lubrication system. Parking for more than 3 hours, the engine caught fire, and idling for more than 10 seconds, tachometer drop to around 1000, and then start. Prolonged idling hot time cold weather in the North.

4, start a document

car transmission design emphasis on speed. If forced to use second gear start will not only increase the load on the engine and causes early wear of the clutch, so the car no matter how much displacement, should one start.

5, smooth shifting

shift to do two things: one is the speed achieved by shifting the speed range; the second is when you lift the clutch, to the "linkage point" pause (not slow, but stop! ), While refueling, car and power forward, and then gently lift the clutch. So, smooth, smooth and without wavering.

6, step on the brake

in order to ensure an emergency step on the brake, heel must be secured to the right location. To heel as a heart, feet forward step on the brake, the right step on the gas. Usually as long as the surface slightly, right foot placed on the foot brake pedal immediately into ready state, sure!

7, with brake

refuel when the engine produces traction, with gears brakes engine braking, and can control the synchronization of two driving wheels, preventing the brake run. Is particularly important, when gap auxiliary power brake booster can be significantly reduced. So any event anywhere without stepping on the brake, when the car is stopped, then step on the clutch, back to the gap, in case of holding fire.

8, brakes look mirror

to look after the car before the brake distance if too near, and there is a certain distance from the vehicle, a little the brakes, avoid rear collision.

9, always keep the brake

tap the brake before the speed on the road, driving a long time tap the brake, tapping the brake before the downhill, near a junction, crossing the former tap the brake. Always grasp the brake, once found, downshift and brake and stop immediately.

10, bus station in danger

after the bus station at one corner, often after passengers rushed to run across the street. Does not turn signal when a particular bus stop, suddenly on the road.

11 suddenly gave way and the vehicle is in danger

in normal driving, the vehicle suddenly gave way, do not pass forward, and emergencies may occur earlier.

12, stay away from the parked car

parked car may open the door, moving to keep a safe distance from any car by the roadside. If avoidance is not open, whistle tips slow down after adoption.

13, to the middle of the road

when two-way mixed Lane, far away from cyclists and pedestrians on the roadside as much as possible, to the middle of the road, opposite each other can be seen, roadside pedestrian and bike back to you, be sure to keep a safe distance!

14, overtaking downshift speed

overtaking, make a prompt decision, do not hesitate to delay. Seat and quickly increase speed to overtake. If the car is under a heavy load and refueling after a gear reduction, increase the traction engine, realization of overtaking. Passing gas, fees, increase risk, not more preferably not ultra.

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