Driving skills

Driving experience: the ten snow driving tips

Try second gear start

cars were surrounded by snow, wheel is glossy black ice, drive wheel has slipped, but not four wheel drive not lock ... ...

slowly stepping on the accelerator, trying to twist around the steering wheel, to increase the tire's adhesion; if it is a manual transmission, you can use the second or third gear starts to reduce torque output, cut the sliding trend of tire; if cars have space, you can also try to reverse and forward, with the direction of the turn, look for greater adhesion to the ground, completely off the hook.

choose the road

driving to work, you can take the Chang an Street, or you can drill alley. In normal times, alley is a good choice; but after the snow, please take the Chang an Street.

City snow thrower, snow equipment is limited, and their efficiency is determined. Chang an Street, snow, ice removal priority must be over, Chaoyang North Road, urban alley natural rankings in the post. What's more, Tong, also watch out for pedestrians and cyclists in the hat.

to turn on the light "illuminating" yourself

your headlights are of course not "light up" myself. However, in low visibility conditions, low adhesion road, open the headlight was noted by the car in front of the car – in a hurry and let vehicle line, before braking, ability to brake and avoid consideration vehicle.

on the road of low adhesion and reduced braking and wire, you can reduce the chance of accidents.

decide in advance

driving in the snow is not terrible, the city's municipal services, the transportation sector has been working efficiently. Need drivers to undertake, through the windshield, rear-view mirror to observe the surroundings, judging from trends in advance of the vehicle around. When the current car handling, do not panic, space, time, had expected.

throttle to be gentle

driving in the snow, were known to step on the gas to a gradual, but oil is more gently.

oil reduction, after moving the center of gravity of the vehicle. For fwd, is pressure in the drive wheels, performance-oriented variable "flexible"; the latter drive, drive wheel pressure increases, but the front wheels became "bandits."

both precursor and the hindquarters, such changes are not friendly. If the driver steering and rut does not coincide with the vehicle centre of gravity direction, on both sides of wheel pattern differences or air pressure differences, can cause vehicles sliding out of control.

same is true on the brakes.

routing is not "bias"

after the snow, even if it is the same road may also have multiple States--some already do, and some still have snow; some roads have been frozen, some sprinkles of snow-melting agent was black snow. Traffic on this road, the two wheels on the same road as far as possible, in order to ensure adhesion on both sides the same, driving, reduced risk of skidding when braking.

requires coaxial wheels tyres using the same pattern, is also based on the same reasoning. In this connection, for rain and snow driving is particularly important.

from the "facet" away

commercially available "facet"-eight van minibus, the use of front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, but I have little installing electronic stability system.

low adhesion road uphill easy start, skidded; emergency braking, often turned to give the car a "sweep."

far from the facet. Not discrimination, just tell it like it is.

ABS is not a panacea

driving in the snow, the car can stop, has nothing to do with the ABS.

ABS (Anti-lockedBrakingSystem) antilock brake system, brake to keep the wheels turning, allows the driver to control vehicle direction of travel. Compared with the locking wheel, anti-lock braking system can be limited to improve braking efficiency, but its main business is not to reduce braking distances.

speakers are not afraid "Chin"

low temperatures in winter, pedestrians, cyclists have hats ear protection, engine easily blocked. In the alley and in mixed driving on the road, seeing pedestrians, cyclists, sirens in advance, not afraid of trouble.

Beijing Municipal implementation of the People's Republic of China article 72nd provisions of the road traffic safety law, motor and non-motor vehicles, pedestrians accidents resulting in personal injury, property damage, by insurance companies within the scope of compulsory third party liability insurance for motor vehicles liability compensation. Over part of the limit of liability, motor vehicle shall assume liability; there is evidence that non-motor vehicle driver, pedestrian violations of traffic safety laws and regulations, implementation of traffic safety in motor vehicle drivers in the driver's duty of care and that they have taken appropriate measures to avoid traffic accidents, motor vehicle no-fault, in accordance with the minimum limit of liability prescribed by the State.

"what" into which "turn"

If the vehicle is out of control, spin, please keep the oil, do not slam on the brakes; currently holding the steering wheel, rear where to go, like where to turn the steering wheel – if left rear to left, counterclockwise rotation of the steering wheel; the rear swing to the right, turn the steering wheel clockwise. Turn gently, around the corner there's too large; Visual response of tailgate, make adjustments.

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