Driving skills

Don't grudge fall drive driving four attention

More and more drivers select the highway as the preferred channel. But as the weather turns cool, fog, rain, and snow will gradually increase, and Highway Traffic Police reminded drivers, driving in the fall to be more careful and pay attention to the following matters:

first, keep abreast of road conditions information

before driving, mastering traffic information in advance is important. If television, radio is not enough time, you can call to ask a high-speed traffic police. Especially during the foggy season, they should ask in advance, having accurate, avoid road after road split, give themselves unnecessary trouble.

Second, do not fatigue

Freeway closed roads easier to up, intense concentration for a long time, driving position fixed, operating monotone, is very likely to cause mental and physical fatigue. Caught in bad weather conditions, traffic accidents are more likely to happen. Therefore, on the highway driving, successive driving 3 hours or so should be decisive break, relieve fatigue, to keep a good mental state.

third, don't speeding

speeding is one of the major causes of traffic accidents, the highway speed limit of 120 km/h, when the weather is bad, the driver should strictly abide by the speed limit and can't drive fast, drive grudge cars and not allowed to pass on the right in order to ensure the safety of their own and other people's lives and property.

four parking is to comply with the standard

the highway, even if no free parking in the emergency parking area, parking only vehicles when there is a mechanical failure. Fault should be parked at the emergency parking area to the right of the road, light double flashing lights warn, and placement of warning signs in car 100 metres, revelation opened wide lights and rear lights at night, people in the car must be quickly evacuated to the outside fence.

Finally, encountered bad weather (wind, rain, fog, etc) to reduce speed and keep a safe distance. Low visibility weather, must turn on fog lights, against bright light, width lamps and tail lamps. Problems encountered in the high speed traffic, direct dial call, clarifying their position, driving directions, high-speed traffic police will be on the scene within the shortest possible time, solve problems for drivers.

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