Xu Jianyi: Car Auto Show debut will be put on the market

Closely watched red flag sedans will be put on the market this year, but Faw Hongqi car demand is maintaining a cautious attitude.

"located on Hongqi car company car will hit the market this year, and will participate in the show in April this year. "Faw Group Chairman Xu Jianyi said yesterday.

Xu Jianyi said the Faw will invest 10 billion yuan in research and development of new energy vehicles, to meet the potential demand for new energy vehicles. The "Twelve-Five" period, the Faw will establish their own commercial operation models of new energy vehicles.

requirements will not be too great

for car production and capacity expected, Xu Jianyi said car production capacity is fully meet the requirements of, but he stressed that "will not be much demand. ”

Outlook for the car, he says to one principle--in factories, less is not more, later voted not to vote, as long as they can meet the demand as little as possible.

Red flags from the top car, later modified to the market, to no avail. Geng zhaojie, Chairman of the Faw Group had said in a media interview, "red flag stop, high fuel consumption is the direct cause, but the quality problems may be more serious problems. ”

on this issue, Faw was improved. In addition, this year's national corporate purchasing standards to new car of the "Renaissance" provided an opportunity.

according to national provides, general corporate with car and law enforcement duty with car engine displacement not over 1.8 rose, price not over 180,000 yuan, which confidential communications with car engine exhaust volume not over 1.6 rose, price not over 120,000 yuan; pure electric, and plug electric type mixed power, new energy car deduction financial grants Hou price not over 180,000 yuan; other models of procurement standard is actual with car needs and according to about provides determine.

new energy vehicles are the key

relative to the car, Xu Jian Hua's thoughts on more in new energy vehicles.

he disclosed that the "Twelve-Five" period, the Faw will invest 10 billion yuan in research and development of new energy vehicles, which do not include factories, and other inputs to meet potential new energy vehicle market.

last year, Faw group has set up electric vehicle research and Development Department, Technology Center's sixth vehicle Division. Xu Jianyi hopes to create new energy vehicles vehicle platform, batteries, motors, control systems into independent research and development system, forming support Faw new energy automobile development research and development system, production system and resource guarantee system.

at present, the new energy automobile market is not yet mature, this immaturity both own immaturity of new energy vehicles, also includes a complete set of service system of immature.

Xu Jianyi said the "Twelve-Five" period, the Faw will establish their own commercial operation models of new energy vehicles, including dealers, service, extensive staff training.

focus on enterprise restructuring

If you want to achieve the above goals, accelerating restructuring of China Faw group.

last June, Faw established Faw group shares marks the Faw's main business asset consolidation completed, speed up the whole process started.

several brokerage analysts to resolve shares Faw and Faw car (000800. SZ), Faw xiali (000927. SZ) peer competition, Faw separate IPO of shares and share exchange merger Faw xiali and Faw plan possible.

in response, Xu Jianyi said, "is not listed we most need to be addressed as a whole, need to resolve internal governance structure in order to do well. ”

in his view, the Faw is not short of money, "the easiest problem to solve is the issue of money, the most difficult problem to be solved is the system and the people. Faw mainly is to establish a modern enterprise system. ”

Faw has been classified by SASAC as pilot of the Board Central enterprises. Xu Jianyi said the reform will begin in earnest this year, a substantial change is that more outside directors than inside directors.

according to him, the current domestic listed companies, many have not implemented according to the modern enterprise system, that is, internal Director than outside directors.

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