Upgrading a predicts auto recalls "car warranty" introduced in sight

Not surprisingly, then, this year, the defective vehicle product recall Management Ordinance will be officially implemented. It is learnt that the Ordinance has already been included in the legislative plan of the State Council, upgrade from the regulations of the General Administration of quality supervision to national regulations. This means that if consumers find that a brand of automobile defects will be accepted complaints feedback directly to the State Council departments.

for China consumers for, new recalled method legislation level than Qian of was upgrade undoubtedly reflected has about sector improved its with car environment of determination, and on in State legal do announced defects car products recalled Management Ordinance (sought views draft) of half more months Qian, household car products repair, and replaced, and return responsibility provides (second times sought views draft) of announced also indicates has brewing 8 years of long of "car guarantees" are introduced in sight.

this kind of "double happiness" in the human rights process most consumers were in a vulnerable position "straight back", but after studying the new recall after law and guarantees the rule of law, most people in the industry are still to many reservations about the specific implementation of the new Act.

implementation problems

public information, as the current administration of defect automobile product recall provisions AQSIQ and other four departments jointly issued a regulation, starting from October 1, 2004 implementation. 7 years of time, recall the vehicle more than 370 times, 600duowanliang. However, comparing United States such number of recalls cars in developed countries each year, China's annual automobile recall number does not match the size of the world's largest new-vehicle market.

according to the data released by the General Administration of quality supervision, in 2011, the total of 85 of defective automobile recall, recall 1.8275 million vehicles. With vehicle ownership in China close to the United States, but recalls 130 times, 3.9 million vehicles involved.

such disparities digital recall system in China confirmed the backward, also for this reason, just released by the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council of defective vehicle product recall regulations (draft for soliciting opinions), summarizing the existing regulations implementation experience and the former regulation draft on the basis of, from the institutional level on the existing car recall system for a lot of improvement.

it is reported that in the draft, is expanding the scope of the recall for the repair, replacement, return, adding logos, "ordered the recall" mandatory has also been strengthened. Exposure draft says: "the producers be ordered to recall refused to recall, defective automobile products, total value of 2% up to 10% the penalty has illegally obtained, and shall confiscate the illegal income in serious cases, by the relevant licensing authority shall revoke the license. "The current Bill provides that for car companies and operators do not comply with recall obligations, departments up to recall to their warnings and requests, have the highest amounts of only 30,000 yuan.

it is clear that after the recall law emerged as the new State regulations, its regulation and supervision have been fully upgraded, "but with the ' car warranty ' identification difficult, difficult problems of proof, car recall system also faces the implementation of difficult problems.   "Unites the world (Beijing) international market research Vice President Bai Guohou said.

according to CEO Hao Qingfeng 315 legal network introduced, "the car three guarantees" provisions, the same quality today to repair more than 5 times, consumers can change. "But the conditions for firms is too lenient, too harsh on consumers. "Hao Qingfeng said, because in accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection law, products under warranty after two repairs are still in normal use, the operator should be responsible for replacement or refund. "Car warranty" as a lower level law, should be subject to the upper law provisions.

in addition, Hao Qingfeng said "car warranty", and "in case of consumer disputes, in the case of consumers and operators of such negotiations fail, and ultimately commissioned by the professional identification" requirement. "But in practice, because in China there is no independent third party authentication institutions, consumers or consumer organizations will meet delegates authentication institutions difficult and expensive problem identification. ”

this problem also exists in the recall process. For example, "new recalled how law and no clear monitoring mechanism works, so some problems are easier to perform ' nonsense ', and on road traffic accidents public information resources had not achieved a public". Hao Qingfeng said: "in fact, the vehicle insurance company and NHTSA should have the obligation to provide data related to traffic accidents to the AQSIQ. ”

independent pressure

to solve these problems, Hao Qingfeng put forward, whether it be "recalled" or "car warranty", should continue to strengthen its efforts to punish, to enhance the deterrent of the Act. "Moreover, due to the problems caused by vehicle maintenance or in the case of quality problems the same was repeated maintenance, car companies should provide owners with oil to and from maintenance network charges and the appropriate delay compensation. ”

but Chinese director Li Xi quality network said: "fifty or sixty complaints we receive on a daily basis, some parts are corrosion is very common. According to our survey, found that car companies are in many cases the corrosion of vehicle testing test early enough time or test conditions caused by inadequate, so we also call on the authorities to enhance the vehicles tested in the early stages of management and guidance. ”

Li Xi, the result of inadequate test car problems is particularly evident in the early stages of introduction of new technologies. "So we welcome the introduction of new technology, but in terms of quality testing of relevant State departments should also keep up with the pace of new technology research and development, and when companies are finding new technology when there are still defects, should adopt a correct attitude towards problem-solving, such as suspension, deactivate these new technologies in a timely manner, rather than trying to cover up. ”

Hao Qingfeng, the "recall" and "car warranty" bills introduced, existing modes of operation of enterprises will no doubt be challenged, "brunt of after sales training this one, because many companies will be forced to put more energy after sales rather than from selling cars. And because foreign brands already have relevant experience in overseas markets, so the implementation of the new law, influence on brands is not too big, the biggest challenge was the country's own brand. ”

"the regulations are a double-edged sword, and would urge the brand to further enhance product quality. This will make more people feel at ease to try its own brand, thereby enabling brands to win more market opportunities. "Li Xi.

"but anyway, auto recall regulations from the Department to the State Council regulations which can be thought of as a great progress of our auto consumption environment and hope implementation of regulations in the future to be able to walk some more solid, more realistic. We look forward to the emergence of China's car industry first to order the recall. "Bai Guohou stressed.

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