Public response to the DSG: no need to recall the software upgrade is OK

Is the so-called red is many people, Toyota brakes doors fall off a warning from the boss location, Volkswagen is facing a crisis of confidence these days, precisely because people proud of the DSG gearbox technology.

notice: the 7-speed DSG is a free software upgrade

earlier this month, issued public statements: individual due to long-term parking may be equipped with mass 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG) models fail, and now where to buy with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) VW vehicle customer to an authorized dealer for free software upgrades. Customers at the dealer shop to upgrade the software, you can also enjoy free clutch (or transmission) services, to ensure that the DSG gearbox shift smoothness is not restricted. Software upgrade time is about 30 minutes, vehicles to about 500,000 cars, including Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen, Faw-Volkswagen, Skoda models under.

Volkswagen Group China Yang Meihong, Deputy Chief Reporter, said in an interview last week, according to DSG complaints of failures, and proposed three possible solutions within the public, AQSIQ is the third on the final solution, recently announced that it is also the most reliable. Reporters learned that fail most of the car is equipped with 7-speed DSG transmission.

for consumers, the most concerned is able to solve the problem of DSG software upgrade. In response, Yang Meihong said. Faw-Volkswagen public communications Minister reply to reporter arch wave that: "the symptoms are more concentrated, software upgrade solved the crystallization of the DSG. "He said that DSG faults arising in China, has nothing to do with the DSG gearbox design, Assembly, mainly on adaptability of DSG after manufacturing in China," such as Germany technical staff did not take into account climate and humidity problems in China, and high temperatures also become one of the most important factors affecting the DSG. ”

according to the manufacturers notice that, under certain conditions, especially temperature and high humidity, as well as vehicle after parked for a long time, individual valve gearbox of the vehicle electrical control unit crystallization may occur, resulting in engine startup unable to gear, vehicles could not drive. Through a software upgrade, you can avoid this phenomenon in the vehicle. According to Faw-VW-related sources, after complaints about the DSG gearbox failure, use models are mostly concentrated in the humid southern regions, this software upgrade, can effectively solve the DSG the "card system" issue, so as to avoid overheating of the setback, and so on.

why not simply recall? Response: there is no security

at present, the Chinese market sales of VW models are equipped with DSG gearbox. Main production of VW transmission plant in Dalian is the 7-speed DSG gearbox, 7-speed DSG gearbox with dry clutch structures due to direct contact clutch shifting power loss is reduced, therefore promoted of economy and power, but at the same time increases the friction clutch, easy to cause the transmission is overheating and wear. There has always been the DSG gearbox noise, sense of setback, gear is not suitable, such as complaints, Volkswagen did not recall directly.

worth noting is that "DSG dual-clutch gearbox overheating" has been officially written to the new release of the specification stating: If the car frequently start, long to "slow", or, with traffic when the line stops, dual-clutch gearbox may be overheating. Transmission overheat warning lamp when lit, dashboard display, or may display the alert text, at the same time, the system may also sound an alarm. In this case, must be immediately stopped, cooling the gearbox.

4S store: ready

now VW's DSG upgrade free service has been officially launched. Reporters from the Faw-Volkswagen was informed by the local dealer, store depending on the manufacturers requirements, has a dedicated staff to follow up, are mostly concentrated in the Golf 6, sagitar and other models.

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