Li Yizhong: bus localization does not include purchasing leadership vehicles

Fifth session of the 11th NPC 8th held its second plenary meeting in the great Hall of. The CPPCC Economic Commission Deputy Director, miit Minister Li Yizhong said China's official car catalogue (list of abbreviations) conform to WTO rules, and that "corporate vehicles for the directory   in ordinary public service  , and does not include the leading cadres ' official car  ".

on February 24, the Ministry issued China's official car catalogue, including 412 car brands such as BYD and Geely, for all domestic cars. Has been selected for Mercedes-Benz and Audi have fallen out of favor. Protest against EU Chamber of Commerce, said it would urge European Governments to take measures to counter.

in this regard, Li Yizhong said China's official car purchase list in line with WTO rules, and when China enters the WTO has not acceded to the international agreement on government procurement, for their products ought to have priority. Li said, the EU could express their views, specific problems can communicate.

LI asked officials at the Ministry was informed that corporate vehicles for the directory "normal car" refers to 1.8 liters, cars that cost less than 180,000 yuan, does not include the leading cadres ' official car, which is not a system.

when a reporter said that "many foreign officials take the Metro bus to work, while Chinese officials took the bus to work" when Li expressed disagreement, he said, "many comrades of the Ministry is the subway, ride a bike or drive their own cars to work".

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