Get real down to Earth to promote China's new energy automobile industry

In recent years, the State has introduced a series of policy, clearly stated on all sorts of incentives for new energy automobile industry, supported the development of new energy vehicles. Local Union springing new energy automobile industry was born, a step into new energy "campaign" started with a bang. Whether local governments, manufacturers, and consumers, are full of great hope for prospects of new energy vehicles.

the view was expressed that developing new energy vehicles in China with other countries stood on the starting line, in fact our level there is a gap with foreign advanced level: from the vehicle on, technology of new energy vehicles in China and abroad are still 3-5, electric vehicle technology is also an indisputable fact that the immature. While many local companies have launched electric vehicles, but lab created several electric and industrial mass production of electric cars are two concepts. In other words, at present except batteries outside the dominant local technology, most of the technology is still in a backward state, many fundamental technical specifications are not yet unified.

astounding new energy vehicle "sport", is facing a very embarrassing situation--the Government feel hoodwinked, car companies have no confidence, consumers do not buy it, this is the current development of the new energy automobile industry cannot escape the reality.

embarrassed, policies of warm market ice

in 2009, the development of new energy vehicles in China was formally put on the agenda, policy support than ever before. January, Treasury, and Technology Department issued on carried out energy-saving and new energy car model promotion pilot work of notification, in 13 a city carried out energy-saving and new energy car model promotion pilot work;  4 months, Government announced to purchase pure electric of consumers provides 60,000 yuan subsidies, and in some city investment built car battery charging station; 2010, energy-saving and new energy car model promotion pilot city by 13 a expanded to 25 a; Treasury issued Private purchases of new energy vehicle pilot funding of interim measures for the administration of financial assistance, 5 cities selected as a pilot, to give one-off grants for private purchases of new energy vehicles, electric passenger car maximum subsidy of 60,000 yuan/units.

puzzling is that although heater blows, market reaction was lukewarm. New energy vehicles safety, life issues, high costs cannot be solved, coupled with the infrastructure is not perfect, really put into mass production and market acceptance of new energy vehicles, particularly passenger cars available to private clients, almost negligible. As of July 2011, 25 pilot city for lack of new-energy auto production and sales volume.

in addition, the high price of buying new energy vehicles, possibly until the car scrap, oil savings to offset the money spent buyers money when buying a car. Countries introduced a subsidy, but most is not in place, subsidies are not implemented influenced the development of new energy vehicles for the domestic market. Compared with China, those new energy automobile industry, developed countries have a very different approach: United States for each light-hybrid cars give subsidies of up to $ 3400, on natural gas and other alternative-fuel vehicles cost 50%-80% in part by increased subsidies, while Japan car 50% for electric, natural gas and other clean energy tax cuts, and to give the same level of traditional preferential subsidies for car post 1/2 ; France is giving each electric car subsidy of 15,000 francs, 10,000 francs to the manufacturing plant, 5000 francs to buy electric cars, private or corporate.

embarrassing phenomenon of new energy vehicles nowhere to charge

the introduction of favorable policies, prompting a growing number of manufacturers launched new-energy cars, at least 30 bus companies in the country have been involved in the research and development of new energy vehicles, there are at least 10 car companies are also competing to develop new energy vehicles. Sentiment is in sharp contrast with the car the embarrassing reality is that consumers buy cars have nowhere to charge.

plug electric type mixed power car, and pure electric are need established charging station equipment, due to urban land resources shortage, built a seat city charging station need input millions of Yuan, large built by needed of funds gap huge, so China currently only has minority city as Shanghai, and Shenzhen built has several test sex charging station yiwai, purchase new energy car of owners only by civilian households power charging, very not convenient, this is directly led to new energy car no dare wanted of important factors.

embarrassing three key technology breakthrough, the surface prosperity

domestic car companies in the research and development of new energy vehicles, showing a heated situation. In 2009 alone, more than there are more than 20 domestic whole car company has announced the successful development of electric cars, more than the world's first electric vehicle research and development of Japan. In a number of important auto show, almost all of the auto companies have put their new energy concept car, which rise in a media interview, without exception, said "we will make a difference in the field of new energy vehicles." Many experts question is there has been so much in such a short time to master core technologies for new energy vehicles? Domestic private car company executives have told the press that, the company developed the pure electric car, its research and development team spend no more than 5 million Yuan, the data suggests that there is obviously a big part of the business concept just follow the hype of new energy vehicles.

the other hand, vie for new energy projects located in the local government, subsidies and preferential policies have been promulgated, and the construction of the industrial base, build industry alliances. With this support, some without research and development capabilities, core technology businesses, also launched a new energy automobile project. The industry pointed out, launched a new energy automobile project, not only can support access to Government funds, projects, land acquisition, loans and so on, can also enjoy the extra "benefits". But on the other hand, is the local protection and buried the risk of duplication and overcapacity, hinders the development of new energy automobile industry, investment results unsatisfactory.

What deserves even more attention is, by the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, was launched in January 2009 a common "ten thousands of projects", the Treasury took out huge subsidies, and by local government in hot pursuit, but were also exposed during the demonstration of new energy vehicle technical standards are not unified, hollow core technology issues.

get real   of embarrassment as a driving force

results from the new energy automobile industry development during these years can be seen in terms of new energy vehicle technologies, we there is a gap with advanced countries in the world, it is an indisputable fact, industry practice varies with the policy intent, hopes development of electric cars is a disappointment.

in recent years, the multinational corporations to direct injection, turbocharged, dual-clutch, new transmission technology, in China's car market to achieve breakthrough results, and our own brand not in terms of new energy vehicles within a short time, again in the traditional auto market large "land". From actual "across type development", ignored on traditional car of transformation, will will makes China in development new energy car Shang into strategy passive, new energy car of market foster is a long of process, but was policy forced ripening of new energy car market itself on deficiencies, if again fast industrialization development, only let industry Foundation more not solid, is Yu risked risk built "Castle in the", only recognize reality steadily advance, to do China of new energy car industry.

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