Geneva show car giant green Chinese makers are absent

In the context of Europe's debt crisis, global car Giants search for future automobile technology more pragmatic shift from glitzy high-tech energy-saving technologies, in conventional vehicle technology in this toddler for Chinese auto companies, the pressure increased sharply.

strengthening vehicle emissions in response to climate change in Europe restrictions, allows the opening of the Geneva Motor Show last week into motor vehicle manufacturers exhibition environmental technology arena.

global auto giants will have to represent the development direction of the product and technology to one of the world's five big exhibition on the Geneva Motor Show.   However, this is known as "international motor trend indicator" of the altar on the feast, Chinese automakers are absent, to cast a shadow over Chinese auto power again as soon as possible.

fresh air to environmental technology

including concept car, and new energy car zainei, 82nd session Geneva Auto Show Shang global starting models over 30 paragraph, although over 20 home car Enterprise launched has latest technology of pure electric, but first financial daily reporter while found, more car enterprise in current global economic situation more subtle Shi is more pragmatic, optimization traditional engine technology of small car, and using gas, other alternative fuel of traditional car became more big of highlights.

in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases, including VW, Audi, BMW, Germany auto company, has introduced a more excellent Powertrain, turbocharged gasoline engines or diesel power as the main means of improving fuel economy.

Europe's biggest carmaker Volkswagen one breath a series of four small cars.

began fierce competition high-quality small cars, Mercedes ' new a-class car specially arranged public appearance the night before at the opening of the Geneva Motor Show, aimed at Audi.

ZAFIRA TOURER 1.6-liter engines of Opel ECOFLEX, once sufficient natural gas range of 530 km.

even high fuel consumption of the luxury sports car company, started to do in energy-saving efforts.

Porsche for its models equipped with the automatic start-stop system, brake energy recovery system and fuel-saving equipment such as thermal management system, in which soft top hood design makes the new BOXSTER cars than older models (steel roof) reduced by 100 kg. After equipped with energy-saving systems, and lightweight body, the new BOXSTER combined old reduces 15%.

survey of international authorities, vehicle curb weight reduced by 100 kg, fuel consumption can be reduced 0.3~0.6 liters per hundred kilometers. When the vehicle weight of 2500 kg reduced to 750 kilograms, kilometers per liter from about 5 km up to about 25 km, the corresponding amount of carbon dioxide discharged from about 400 g/km down to about 100 g/km.

it is easy to understand, in the European Union under the stringent emissions requirements, why do the major auto manufacturers will focus more on the upgrading of conventional fuel-saving vehicles.

not only European manufacturers are turning their energy-saving technology focus small car, even with new energy vehicles such as hybrid technology is good at Japanese car companies, also are tapping the potential of traditional technologies.

Toyota FT-Bh concept car, through the use of special body material, vehicle weight of not more than 800 kg.

Nissan has also made good progress in miniaturization. New hatchback concept car, the Invitation, is b platform car, belong to the platform model as well as 2013 euro Ma Chi and Juke,Invitation concepts competitor would be directed at the Fiesta and other compact cars, Nissan is hoping to guide the car compact development.

Germany Duisburg  -  Essen Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer of the Center for automotive research at the University, said: "a foray into hybrids, plug-in electric vehicles and battery reversal of strategy at the Geneva Motor Show, we are seeing more traditional models. ”

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