Colossal youth was taken away not returning Saab Saab sale had been finalized

Pang Qing, Chairman of China Youngman automobile year sentence "if we do not take Saab, will not withdraw troops return home", also confirmed the youth give up automobiles for Saab does not abandon the "silly". Earlier, the foreign media is expected to bid for fastest results from March 5 to 12th this week announced. However, with the passage of time, Saab asset sale did not result, but gradually as competitors offer more complicated and confusing. Long-term concerns about the Saab acquisition auto analyst Tian Yongqiu said in an interview with the China Times reporter, "simmering, until the last minute, who does not know the results. "Sources say Saab asset sale results will be announced by April 30," this is the last time ".

Sweden local time on March 2, the youth automotive organization and Sweden Saab's trustee in bankruptcy negotiations, youth offer 2 billion kronor (about 294 million dollars, not including the money needed to acquire Saab parts companies remain profitable). Youngman also said the final offer could be higher. Youth offer or Saab parts company into 12 billion Sweden Krone (about 1.8 billion US dollars) in subsequent budgets. In addition, youth delegation of cars starting from the offer, around issues of funding and planning for the future, and Sweden for further negotiations. In addition to youth, Pang Pang Caiping father, had been uncertain, "Bank of China" – representatives of the BOC investment also appeared in public for the first time in their delegations.

day of the negotiations, colossal youth, told Sweden P4 West noted in a radio interview, teen car has developed a comprehensive plan, "our goal is to acquire complete Saab continued in Sweden the production car. We hope that in the existing plant and equipment manufacturing Saab, Saab CEO weikeduomule invited a lot of buyers, from a personal point of view I appreciate Mr Muller, who runs Saab moves enough wisdom, or Saab will not go bankrupt. " It is understood that youth car one of the biggest competitors of Turkey Brightwell holdings, because "General Motors has not yet promised to provide the necessary cooperation in the negotiations," declared formally withdraw from the bidding for Saab; another rival--India's largest tractor maker Mahindra Indian Mahindra) still adhere to the interest and has made an offer. And the next time, Saab's trustee in bankruptcy will meet more potential buyers.

sources revealed that youth delegation and the insolvency administrator moved to Stockholm after talks, visited Sweden social democratic leader and Sweden Saab parts company's problems of the Ministry held talks. It is understood that outside of Bank representatives, attended the talks, as well as Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Ambassador. "It seems clear youth policy, underlining the central receiver at the same time, trying to exert their influence on stakeholders around the Saab. "Tian Yongqiu said.

as the shared stand of "two huge"--one of a large group has been gradually fading out of sight. Large group, Secretary of the Board about WY enterprises involved in Saab said in an interview with the China Times reporter, "as one of Saab's creditors, we are still closely watching the youth auto bid for Saab. "In addition, WY also disclosed that the large import car dealership now has Saab, if cars of the future can successfully bid for Saab, huge efforts have been made to Saab's distribution rights.

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