Chery, Land Rover good? First domestic models or as Aurora

Market force is the largest. Just this past February, China promoted to Jaguar Land Rover, the world's largest market at the same time, Land Rover and Chery joint venture company will be located in Changshu city, Jiangsu Province has been raised, and Aurora first domestic models are Land Rover SUV.

promotion February Land Rover, the world's largest market in China

Land Rover luxury SUV willing to lay down their movements, and the potential of the Chinese market are not unrelated. At the 2012 Geneva Auto show, Jaguar Land Rover Global CEO Ralf Speth confirmed to the media in February, as the Jaguar Land Rover global sales for the month's biggest single market, the company will continue to increase investment in China, including manufacturing plant preparation, as well as dealer network construction. "This trend, this year, China is expected to become the world's largest markets of Jaguar and Land Rover brands as a whole, if it can't, then next year will be achieved. "He said.

Ralf Speth said, on the premise of European debt crisis continues, Jaguar Land Rover will speed up expansion in emerging markets, including China.

175 eligible project settle in Changshu

the best measures to open up the market was made in China, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz has made a very good model. In a work Conference held in Changshu city, January 29, Land Rover made officially exposed, the reference to "focus on the implementation of a total investment of 15 billion yuan concept to project accelerate Land Rover project total investment of 17.5 billion yuan for approval".

sources, Land Rover JV (Jaguar not domestic) total investment of 17.5 billion yuan, including OEM investment and engine plant investment, joint venture companies first model for Land Rover, the Aurora, the fastest in the market in 2014, but it depends on what time does the national development and Reform Commission approved the joint venture project.

the source also revealed that in the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties, have identified the first Chairman of the joint venture held by Chery, Jaguar Land Rover side held General Manager positions. Negotiations between the two sides before the no build engine plant in joint venture projects, but based on foreign capital vehicle to invest in China by the Chinese Government requirements become more stringent, engine production project is a necessary investment.

Chery and Land Rover hiring for this joint venture project, SAIC-GM-Wuling, former General Sales Manager Hu Jun, had just resigned as Vice President of beiqi Foton also brand director Huang Huaqiong have joined Hu Jun with the possibility of becoming the next post of General Manager of Chery, Land Rover sales.

plan made the first Land Rover model currently imported into China in the form of the Aurora, at $ 628,000, 638,000 yuan, increases in the market at one point more than 100,000 yuan.

on February 25, karry good micro vehicle listing ceremony, Chairman and General Manager of Chery Yin Tongyue had planned to attend, but eventually broke. Stakeholders told reporters that he went to meet with the officials of the national development and Reform Commission in Zhengzhou, the main issue is the joint-venture project with Land Rover. Land Rover will join view by will make Changshu Chery's production base of high-end cars. Chery Automobile, Assistant General Manager, Jin yibo, spokesman had told reporters, before the message is finally implemented, inconvenient to comment.

Jaguar Land Rover Global CEO Ralf Speth also said the cooperative has rules, to go program, to comply with the requirements of the Chinese Government. Jaguar Land Rover is a novice in this process, the whole thing still consider the process, information should not at any relevant matter. "Just like marriage does, you need both ready, came out and announced that, rather than unilaterally announced by the us. "He said.

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