Car pollution Korean models the most toxic toxic substance content

Case study: the Korean reporters drove SUV has been about 1.5 years, other aspects are in line, but the smell in the car has been lingering. "How can there be so much taste? "Whenever a friend sitting in the car, almost all say the word. Dealers who added some air freshener in the air conditioning, but after some time and go back to the original taste, distributors and manufacturers explained, material issues, there is no way to solve it. Vehicles driven by reporter tastes a little too serious, is more serious, there was a woman driving her new car is only 2 months of acute aplastic anemia, treat died. China indoor decoration Association indoors environment monitor Center was informed that excessive levels of benzene in the car is the female owner directly the cause of death. Testing shows that chronic benzene poisoning can damage the nervous and hematopoietic systems, characterized by headache, dizziness, insomnia, decreasing number of white blood cells, thrombocytopenia and bleeding tendency, severe aplastic anemia may occur. Death the owner's family then put the parties concerned on the dock ... ...

"a car is good, smell the smell inside the car will know. "One industry source said. In the "staged" the arrival of car pollution has increasingly become the focus of everyone's attention. The Ministry of environmental protection and AQSIQ jointly issued guidelines for air quality assessment in the passenger cars which came into force on March 1. The Guide to in-vehicle concentrations of major air pollutants has strict rules.

CPPCC members, Li shufu, Chairman of Geely group in the "two sessions," said during the World Health Organization has made it clear in-car air pollution as one of the top ten threats to human health, too much media has reported in recent years resulted in-car air pollution injury results in death, the resulting disputes, litigation is also increasing. In view of this, he suggested that the Ministry of environmental protection, AQSIQ the lead passenger car air testing and publishing agencies in establishing authority.

what is car pollution?

there are three main sources of air pollution in the car category: a new various accessories in the vehicle, seat material, thermal insulation materials, crash padding, dashboard, etc; second, auto interior decoration materials, such as plastics, fiber, textiles, leather, rubber, etc; three are used in the production of thinner, glues, paints and coatings. Toxic gases emitted by these objects, much of which have greater carcinogenic to human liver, renal, respiratory, hematopoietic organs, immune function, can cause serious harm, infringe on a consumer's personal safety all the time.

in response to this situation, the Guide clearly sets out the air inside the car in the benzene, toluene, xylene, Ethylbenzene, styrene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and Acrolein 8 common limit values for the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the car. Also provisions for their test environment requires the Interior volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones-sampling method for determination of stipulated conditions detection, inspected the vehicle at rest during the detection process, vehicle doors, Windows and passenger compartment air inlet damper is closed, engine and equipment such as air conditioning is not working.

the Guide issued to fill the gaps in our in-car air quality standards, making car air testing finally has.

who is the most toxic car?

for consumers, they are most concerned about what car pollution is high, what pollution is low, there is no public information to reference. But in United States, Michigan, the nonprofit Ecology Center, Ann Arbor (The Ecology Center) in its "2012 consumer shopping guide," according to the quality of internal control in the ranked 204 vehicles, basic car is currently in the top ten of the hot-selling models, these models are sold in China, consumers can be used for reference.

United States Director of the Ecology Center Jeff Gearhart said the Organization tested to 11 kinds of automotive interior parts, including steering wheels, instrument panels, mats, dashboards, armrests, seat and a variety of hard and soft decoration, in order to understand the content of bromine and chlorine, lead and heavy metals. Most of these chemical elements over time to break down. According to the study, drivers of long-term exposure to these chemicals, you can breathe and exposure to dust causes a lot of health issues, including allergies, liver poisoning, birth defects and cancer. "The car is more than chemical residue of the most unique environment, in the Sun for a long time, it can be elevated to a higher temperature, so that you can release high concentrations of chemicals. "Gearhart said.

Gearhart said that there is no mandatory testing or provisions relating to automotive interior chemicals used, so I hope that this study can help consumers when choosing a car, in addition to the fuel savings, attention to toxic substances and other environmental protection.

study shows, 2012 Honda Civic interior materials content of potentially toxic chemicals in the least. The study has been going on for four years, and Honda for four consecutive years to become Interior material of the highest level of environmental protection and health companies, Hyundai-Kia has won the last two years in a row. Apart from Honda, Toyota, Nissan models, which are also very healthy, but for the Mitsubishi Outlander and the worst, Japanese cars are almost swept the Board.

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