Beijing Hyundai airbag kept hidden United States recall involved China

Since March this year, KIA in the United States market is recalling about 145,000 vehicles, recalled because of the vehicle's airbag fault hazard exists.

This is not the first time Hyundai-Kia airbag recall in North America on the issue. Public information displayed: March 2011, modern car to United States Highway Security Authority submitted report, in United States points two batch recalled has amounted to 284,480 car modern Iraq blue special car, recalled reasons is the models airbag may exists fault; and September 2011, modern car and series in United States recalled has 205,233 car 2007-2008 production of St up Philip and weilakesi SUV, recalled reasons also for vehicles of Qian security balloon in necessary Shi cannot expand.

because airbag is closely related to consumer safety, and transnational companies on the main components of the standard and norm-setting is on global harmonization, the recall has caused wide public concern in the Chinese market. But in stark contrast to, airbag does not bounce off the issue when necessary consumers also appeared frequently in China, and Beijing Hyundai never to take any public action.

a disturbing traffic accident

recall last June, cousins of the traffic accident and after the activist experience, Neiichi the other end of the phone a few times choking sound.

according to Neiichi, in June 2011, her fame geningfangjun driving a car purchased only two years of Beijing Hyundai Elantra sedan on the way home, "at the time, my brother's car had just finished checking and maintenance within days. "Neiichi said, but everyone thought is, Ning Fangjun major vehicle accidents occurred on the way home.

"at the time, police found in a survey the scene of the accident, the accident has burst three tires on the vehicle, the entire front part was all black, but in this emergency situation, car air bags but did not eject, so brother also was injured in the head and died on the spot. "Neiichi recalled.

according to Neiichi introduction, after the accident, local traffic accident investigation at the scene of the accident, the section and the Insurance Commissioner, expressed doubts of the airbag did not pop up. Also for this reason, they start with the Beijing modern airbag questions several times to find local dealers begging for argument.

"after much consultation, two weeks later, Beijing Hyundai gave us a note, said the airbag does not eject when the accident occurred because no hit points, regardless of the quality. "Neiichi said, while Beijing Hyundai Service Department make the analysis and identification of, but she did not agree that" product quality identification of yourself, can say their products have a quality problem? "Critical production enterprises, the objectivity and impartiality of the results of the Neiichi hard to be convinced.

then, events of development began into non-rational of, according to Neiichi introduced, dang Ning one by one home people again to Beijing modern of 4S shop for communication Shi, "4S shop of people to discuss things for by will home of male are called has out, then rushed into a bunch of people on we several left of women for has insults and beat, I brother of mother more is was kick has a feet, last was sent into hospital treatment. ”

due to the human rights process difficult and Beijing Hyundai has always been strong, Neiichi said, and now the two sides are at a stalemate.

treatment of Chinese and American consumers differently

meet air bag problem and just a better one by one, at the beginning of this month, also has a number of domestic auto forum reflecting the Elantra airbag post attracted wide attention from netizens.

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