Automotive products can hurt you

Intelligent co-pilot, digital audio input, system, automatic parking and adaptive cars, CVT, none of these are packaged in cutting-edge auto technology outside China are sought after in the market. Their high value. However, they are really as magical as propaganda? Are people blind pursuit of pushing up prices? If you plan to buy with these models, be sure to prepare, they may fall short.

staged every year, in the face of anti-counterfeiting news, as the owner's heart was sad, so what is the work? Cars this year in the world tells you the owner approaches to vehicle, smart consumption. Assortment of all kinds of auto accessories and service, as well as car technology, understand a little more through some "flicker" ingredients, naturally spend less money.

automotive supplies:

did you get confused?

fuel economy? Beautiful lie!

[owner] LEE: a look at oil prices up once every few months, my heart ache. Drove a United States car, vehicle fuel consumption is high, every minute is money. And I thought a variety of fuel-saving methods, last visiting the market, many selling fuel-efficient, listen to hype sales girl, Oh, buy. Since Le, results a couple of cases of oil running down, fuel consumption is higher than ever before! Why? Because I think there is a fuel-saving device has stepped on the gas pedal the brakes harder than before.

fuel saving, fuel economy stickers, fuel additives ... ... Sounds really make the majority of owners. Reporters noticed that claim fuel-efficient products currently on the market up to hundreds of different, basically a fuel additive and device-type fuel-saving two-class, prices from dozens of Yuan to thousands per month. Number of fuel-saving products are stamped with "patent", and some even said by the related departments of the testing standards. City auto parts industry association experts said however: motor fuel product does not yet correspond to national and industry standards. A fuel-efficient product the saving rate can reach 1% it is quite easy, so-called 15%~45% can be saved, even more fuel-efficient products from the current technology is not possible. Fuel saving products often exaggerate the effect, use the principle of pseudoscience bluff. In fact, vehicles equipped with an automatic start-stop system-saving 5%~10%, hybrid, fuel-saving effect is 15%~20%.

comment: many owners have questions if fuel-efficient really worked so well, auto manufacturers with the Technical Department estimated earlier gave each vehicle produced. This stuff is the only answer-is useless!

sterilization? Cheap is not good!

[owner]  Lily: I bought the car for three years, friends on my car will make a fuss: the taste is so big! No tears to cry every time I hear it. Don't say I never do apart from odor, more than 300 cars in addition to bacteria, more than 500 yuan of the Photocatalyst, more than 100 cars clean, except for the taste of beauty items I do, the effect? Just ask--still I worried there! General finished a few days ago, but for a long time the smell and come out! Hey! Sterilization and deodorization in the car, really effective products?

in-car air quality related to the health, but car manufacturers not only murdered the owner of a large sum, odor with interior materials bundled with the new cars sold to the owners. Most of the Photocatalyst product in the media, are known as "eradication" smell inside the car. Found little or no effect after many owners do, in fact, a person specializing in new homes in addition to disinfection, told reporters: for lots of photo-catalyst in the market seriously can only be regarded as "formaldehyde elimination agent" to effectively remove contaminants inside the car, 90% is fake! Of course, car deodorant sterilization is not a reliable product, but too many products on the market, and really effective products are calculated according to the square has left many owners cannot afford.

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