Authoritative test fails Fisker Karma talked-about

United Kingdom, Reuters from the United States the Detroit News, the Fisker auto company this week a more than 100,000-dollar luxury car consumer reports speed tests of scrap, the reasons are not clear. Another record serious impression on the electric image.

Fisker Karma

"spend a lot of money, a car can travel 180 miles on the scrap, it makes people very angry", Senior Director of the magazine's auto test center David Champion told Reuters said Thursday.

Philippines, the company said in a statement they were testing the problem of abandoned vehicles, looking for what makes Karma Hybrid electric power failure. Wednesday night, Philippine auto company had sent two engineers to check the vehicle.

Fisker Automotive company has benefited a lot in the media. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has bought the first Karma last summer, pop idol Justin Bieber birthday as a gift this month receive a Karma.

reported fault but the consumer report is more bad news for the company, Fils company as under a microscope, magnifies the negative effects of this message.

in the past in mid-February, Fils motor company replaced CEO, and stop United States that all work with United States Department to renegotiate a $ 529 million loan related terms.

in addition, from time to time due to software failure caused the car alarm light lit, and navigation systems can be a temporary panic, Philip automobile company has recalled some Karma, Karma and in January suspended sales for 4 days to fix software glitches.

"we need to pay attention to a very important point, United States have sold more than 400 vehicles Karma sedan FES. We also have a lot of satisfied customers, they are enjoying every day Karma ", Philippine auto company said in a statement.

"lights on the dashboard"

the consumer report on Friday on United States Sports niedike was purchased by the dealer in the State of Karma, the anonymous testing.

Champion said on Wednesday the consumer reports ' engineers have just begun in the magazine's test track in Connecticut East hadanmu at 65 miles per hour on the speed test situation happens when the Karma.

"when the vehicle at slow speeds, car dashboard lights. "He is referring to is the battery indicator.

in addition to the indicator lights on the Control Panel, speed test is perfect, but the testers could not stop and restart the car. A123 systems creates Karma battery, this media cannot be linked to the car's battery supplier--A123 's spokesman.

Champion said looked "beautiful" Karma has technical problems is not surprising.

in December 2011, Fils motor company recalled 239 Karma due to battery problems, the battery supplied by A123 manufacturing, there may be a refrigerant leak and cause a short circuit.

Fisker in Finland producing Karma models, plans in the United States in Wilmington, a factory production of its second car-- Nina car.

has no influence on the reliability level

due to Karma and is considered a mainstream vehicle, the consumer reports began to test the performance of Karma, Champion said. Consumer reports hasn't tested the United States one of Tesla Motors car.

"the car's failure does not affect the testing" fault event's Champion Philip Karma test comments says, "even as the car continues the situation will only make our test delay. Regrettable is that our assessment will be delayed. ”

Champion said that consumer reports has tested GM's Volt gas-electric hybrid-powered car, scored high on the reliability score, while Nissan leaf car reliability score is very high.

last November, the Volt automobile batteries caught fire after the accident, Federal safety officials opened the investigation of the Volt battery. United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the investigation was ended in January, did not detect any defect, and the GM was satisfied with the remedial measures, called the lithium-ion batteries are better protected. However, weak demand for GM Volt announced that over the next five weeks moratoriums on the production of the gas-electric hybrid-powered vehicles.

Karma problem does not affect the consumer reports reliability evaluation, because the scoring comes from ordering the magazine owner feedback. "It's not much, but it is bound to have impact", says Champion Karma issues. "The car will break down, but people don't want to fault occurs in the first few days. ”

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