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Daqing lucky wind car rental limited professional for enterprises, institutions, organizations, and individuals to provide family car rental service. High, medium and low-grade cars and commercial vehicles, large, CMB and its brand models such as wedding cars, and equipped with long-stay short, self drive and diverse leasing gives you the option. Daqing provided car rental, car rentals in Daqing, Daqing, car rental companies, car rental network in Daqing, Daqing, car rental company, car rental in Daqing, Daqing rental car, car rental prices in Daqing, Daqing rental car any good, Daqing tours.

company long-term engaged in car rental business, after years of experience accumulated, has has a quite perfect of business management mode, existing Mercedes-Benz, and Audi A6, and Guangzhou Honda, and horse 6, and Pentium, and Sonata, and Elantra, and Bora, and Hyatt moving, and Mazda 323, and Santana 2000, and excelle, and Jetta, and Buick Regal, Buick GL8, and Ord game, and Gold Cup, and VTech, and big guest, more than 60 more than Taiwan car, vehicles model complete, equipped with good, and has a driving technology exquisite, and familiar road of driver, And company cars at reasonable prices, good service reputation, our thoughtful and dedicated to the principles, recognition and appreciation by many guests.

the company has a professional and highly dedicated service team, has always been the spirit of "honest service, customer first" purpose, trying to provide convenient services for your car rental needs anytime, anywhere, and a sincere dedication to your career success.  

through continuous efforts and innovation of all employees, we have become able to provide users with comprehensive, professional, fast service of car rental services providers, is an innovative, able to adapt to the changing market environment, with powerful strength and development potential of the enterprise, our goals is through first-class service quality, create and lead the market, build the car rental industry's top brands.  

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